22.05.2018 | 842 professional meetings with foreign buyers, significant commercial interest and a multitude of events

«842 professional meetings with foreign buyers, significant commercial interest and a multitude of events»

DOMOTEC, the top exhibition on renovation, construction and energy-saving was organised successfully from 26-29 April at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition centre, next to Eleftherios Venizelos airport. 

The number of visitors to Domotec was higher than ever. Thousands of industry professionals and end consumers visited the exhibition, and signed agreements and concluded cooperation negotiations with the exhibitors. The exhibition recorded an increase in total visitor traffic in relation to the previous year, while the 18% increase in commercial visitors is particularly noteworthy. 

The 17 construction company delegations from Italy, Egypt, Bulgaria, Jordan, Israel, Kenya, Sudan, Morocco, Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Tunisia played an important role in the success of the exhibition. Members of the delegations held over 842 business meetings with Domotec exhibitors, many of which ended with commercial agreements. For the first time this year, and in an effort to boost the extroversion of Greek companies, Domotec managed to exceed the boundaries of the Greek market and become a global point of reference.

"The Architect Show" conference on the Architecture and Design of holiday homes, which took place in the conference hall of Metropolitan Expo was also a great success. The distinguished speakers included architects and designers from Greece and abroad! The program of discussions was well-organised and attracted the interest of the public throughout the conference, thus contributing to the substantial success of the event. More than 753 architects, designers, engineers and tourism professionals attended the conference.

Moreover, in cooperation with the top AIRBNB platform, the exhibition organised a series of informatory workshops that were attended by more than 522 sector professionals and others. The workshops were addressed to anyone wishing to lease their property through the platform or to those who are already using the platform and wish to reap more benefits from it. 

The simultaneous BUILDING GREEN exhibition placed the emphasis on innovation, thus providing an introduction to building the future. The parallel events, with presentations on Sustainability, Green Building and Energy-Saving Technologies by specialised professionals, attracted the interest of visitors/ professionals and contributed to showcasing the DOMOTEC exhibition as the most unique and specialized exhibition of the country. 

In 2018, the exhibition was organised in parallel with the well-known MEDWOOD exhibition on structural wood and furniture materials, thus offering even more efficiency. 

The market's need for progress, innovation and extroversion is significant and the DOMOTEC exhibition once again managed to create a pioneering meeting point for professionals and private individuals.

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Because this is where the future is being built! 



26-29.04.2018 | Here, we build the future together!

Here, we build the future together!
 26-29 APRIL 2018

In 2018 DOMΟTEC – Renovating, Building, Energy Saving is taking place on 26 - 29 April at ΜΕΤROPOLITAN EXPO together with BUILDING GREEN and MEDWOOD expo, focusing on building, renovating and energy saving solution for homes, stores and hotels. The integrated promotion of the industry and the creation of an information and meeting center for the whole market remain the major goal of the event. 

Domotec brings together for a year a wide range of products and services where industry professionals, engineers, architects, craftsmen and technicians as well as individuals will find complete solutions for every professional or personal need.

For 2018 Domotec holds a hosted buyer program with more than 50 buyers coming from more than 15 countries of the SE Mediterranean and Middle East. 

At its parallel events program a high-profile conference is taking place titled The Architect Show, LEISURE ARCHITECTURE & RESORTS. The conference will be attended by distinguished Architects and Designers, who are designing holiday homes for individuals, investors and large hotel groups. 

The exhibition in collaboration with the top platform AIRBNB has planned a series of workshops that appeal to anyone who wants to rent their property through the platform or to those who already use it to make the most of it.

For another yet year in the specially designed Open Space 2018 section presents high-level events, daily presentations and case studies on Sustainability, Green Building and Energy Saving Technologies. 

For 2018, the exhibition will be held in parallel with the well-known MEDWOOD exhibition with wood and furnishing building materials offering even greater efficiency.

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30.3.2017 | The leading companies of the Greek building materials market exhibit at DOMOTEC expo

DOMOTEC, the leading exhibition for the renovationconstruction and energy saving, takes place from 7 to 9 April 2017, at the Metropolitan Expo, airport Eleftherios Venizelos and focuses on solutions for houses, hotels and tourist accommodations. 

Organized together with BUILDING GREEN expo creates a comprehensive exhibition with a broad range of products and services from over 120 leading companies of the Greek market with structural-insulation materials, energy saving systems, aluminum, shading, flooring and wall coverings, marble and stones tools, software, etc. 


The exhibition hosts business delegation from the very dynamic construction sector of Egypt to conclude trade agreements.  

During of Domotec is planned a varied program of events about biomass, energy upgrading of buildings, architecture, energy efficiency, photovoltaics and electrification offering direct information to practitioners. 

The entrance to the exhibition and for the side events is free. The event is held under the auspices of the Environment and Energy Ministry. More information about the exhibition can be found at: